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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Ernesto Aldape
--Tim Asp
--Lori Baker (2001)
Loved and missed each passing moment. Loving mother of Ryan Dixon
--Cynthia Diane Beach (06/06/2002)
Cynthia passed away in a auto accident on Big Bend near the R.R. Tracks. She is sadly missed by her 3 Daughters, Charity Joann, Kaitlyn Marie, & Kathleen Mae. I was the stepmom to Kaity and Kathy til May of this Year . And I Dearly Loved them and there Dad !!!! And I will forever. SRB
--Angela Beasley (2001)
angela was killed at 5 months pregnant by a drunk driver
--Joseph Cambell
--Billy Carr (2010)
--Kevin Crowley
--Percy Cummings (05/31/89)
He was my father.
--Rusty Dixon (2007)
Miss u every day
--Mike Doss
--Mr. French
well miss u..
--Mr. Kenn Freunscht (2006)
So much loved and so much missed. East Bay High will never be the same without you.
--Rusty Guthry ('72-'73)
--Jeff Kinslow
--Julio Laporte (February 2011)
--David Lawrence (1994-1995 ?)
--Tammy McElwain
--Gladys Rodriguez
--Tamara Sableski
--Marco Schlicting
--Russell Sewell (1992)
Russell Sewell was great son, father, and uncle to his family. Russell passed away in March of 1992 in an electrical accident. There is not one day that passes that his family does not think about him.
--Michael Ulacavites (1982)
Alway's had a smile. R.I.P. I Think about you often.
--Michael Ulacovits (1982)
A great friend. R.I.P.
--Sheila Ulacovits (2007)
R.I.P. Sheila
--Michael Walterson
--Donald Weaver

--George sampson Hall jr62-63 (FEB. 14, 2009)

--James E. Butler (June 15, 2009)

--Kenneth a Durrance (april 25 1985)
you will forever be in our hearts, sandi,dorothy and kimberly
--Donald MacCalla (September 13, 2007)
My dad was in the Army and a Vietnam Veteran. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in March 2005, cause was exposure to Agent Orange over seas. He fought a rough battle for over 2 years, he body just finally gave up on him. I take comfort in knowing that he will no longer have to suffer. He is missed so much!

1966 Adult Evening
--June Maxine Ratell (07/27/2000)
Mom you are truely missed by your baby girl, Sharon. You were so very smart, and you graduated with principle Honor award. At That time the principle was Mr. Price and he always thought very highly of you.

--Beverly Lofley (2006)
--Bob Mirkle (1977?)
Rest in Peace.
--Steve Robinson (2007)
--Belinda Ulacavits (2011)
R.I.P. Belinda! I will never forget your smile and kindness.

--Martha 'Marti' McCorvey Lewis (2006?)
--Mytha Ramey Needles (30 Sep 2000)

--Mark Johnson (2006)
--Sharon Moody Pelham (January 2005)
--Selma Simmons
--Charlene Ulacovits

--Dwight Martin
We miss you Dwight. Brenda

--Skip Carcopa (9/2010)
You will truly missed by all . Rest peacefully Skip
--Toni Lewers (01/99)
--Dana Trabert


--Rhonda Christopher Davis (2003)
Married high school sweetheart Wayne Davis. Killed by drunk driver.
--John Cummings (Dec 16 2010)
--Julie DeGuenther
My Dear Friend. I'm so sorry, I did not know. RIP, I love you, Brenda
--Marilyn Givens (1999)
I will aways remember you, we had a lot of fun together and your passing left a void in my heart

--Cathy Barber
--David Carr
--Donald Delbridge
--Greg Faircloth
--Ann Gatlin
--Gary Gay
--Judy Knowles
--Katherine Lee (??)
Died in an auto accident in Ruskin. At the time of her death, she was employed as a manager at the Pizza Hut there. ~~~ Rest In Peace ~~~
--Patsy Livengood (2008)
Patsy lost her fight with Breast Cancer. She will be missed. She left behind a husband and a daughter.
--Kay Meredith
--Larry Rothermel
--Keith Stephens (1978)
--Boone Stovall Jr.
--John Wright

--Annette McNeal (1/19/2007)
Annette died after being struck by a truck while trying to cross at an intersection. She is my aunt and will be forever missed!

--Sam Bass
--Paul Westfall (November 1996)
Paul died from a heart attack at the age of 36. He was married for a short time to Linda Dixon and they had one child together and her name is Tia.
--Diane Wood (2009?)
A loving, caring sister who will always be missed and will be in our hearts forever. Her cancer took her away from us, but she will always be in our memories.

--Robert Keske (2007)
--Luther Ward (04-05?)
Luther was a very good coach and mentor/role model, and a great friend. He could make a mean fish fry! He really loved his two kids.

--Keith Bradley (July 6 2005)
Passed away from Cancer.
--Ronada Ecker (Oct. 1, 2010)
--Sandra Partin (April 19, 2007)
--Sandy Partin (2007)
--Mitchum Wilcox (3/25/1997)
Mitch, my sweet brother, you are missed every single day! He always had a smile for everyone. He died in a car accident. He leaves behind 3 boys. Love you, Connie

1981 or 82
--Dean Hughes (2011)

--Thomas 'Bo' Cannon 'Solano' (2007)
Bo was the longest friend in which I had. We knew each other since age one and our Mothers were best friends. Bo died tragically and my Mother just passed away saddenly in 2009. Bo was always there for me at East Bay and in the Riverview area. I miss Bo along with Russell Sewell every day. - Andy Elkins
--Kenny Durrance (2/12/1982)
You are in my heart every day. I love you son. mom
--Barney Middleton (2011)
Barney was a cool, friend, Dad and a heck of a 4 square player, He will be truly missed by all, and all of the village neighborhood

--G.W. Davis (10th grade)
Left us when he was hit by road machinery while on his motorcycle.
--James Turner (2004)
A great father, son, brother and friend

--Russell Chipman (1986)
Russell was in a motorcycle accident.
--Brian Dain (1994)
--Terri German (1998)
--Paul Iozzio (1993)
we lost my brother paul to a drunk driver i miss him so much i love u tubby
--Shelly Johnson (1997)
Shelly passed away from cancer.
--Michael Lazzell
--Patrick McGhin (1984)
Pat was in an autombile accident.
--David Thompson (2008)
David passed away from an illness.
--Joe Williams (1984)
Joe was in an autombile accident.

--Margaret Cox (1998)
She is so very missed. My sister we called her "Peggy". She left behind one son; Christopher. Two sisters and One brother. She passed away from complications of diabetes/ cardiovascular disease on May 8, 1998.
--Marissa Mullins
--Tamara Sableski (1985)
Tamara was like a sister and loved by all I miss you and will never forget you.

--Martin Becker (1984)
--Jesse Harris (2001-2003?)
very good person had many good times will be greatly missed garrett franklin{classmates till the end bro!!!!!!
--Jessie Harris (2000??)

--Timothy Asp (2002)
Died in an auto accident
--Kenny Harrelson (2010)
Kenny passed away March 16, 2010 after a 14 month battle with lung cancer.
--Harry 'Leon' Humphrey (2011)
Leon passed away after a long illness.
--Bobby Keen (5/9/2011)
Bobby W. Keen passed 5/9/2011. He was a retired Hillsborough County Band Director of 30 years. Director of Bands at Leto High School for 20 years and Plant High School for 7. He died of Lung Cancer. RIP - Class of 1968
--Eddie Molina (2010)
Would become the drummer in the local band "Oblivion".
--Roger Roberts (2007)
--Gladys Rodriquez (1986)
Gladys died I think the end of our 11th grade year in a car accident. She was an awesome person. Everyone missed her so much.
--James W. Turner (1997)
James died in a motorcycle accident June 21,1997. He and I (Angie) had one child together. He is almost 16, and is the spitting image of James.

--Mickey OBrien
--Carlos Rodriguez (1987-88)
Car accident Senior year

--Joey Campbell
--Scott Ford
--Brian Hopkins-King (1988)
--Bill Partin (2008)
He will be missed by many.
--Chad Regis (2005)
Chad was a very special person, he will be remembered for his honest friendship and fun personality.

--Kelly Poulton (Nobles) (2010)
Killed in a traffic accident.
--Thomas Sehorne (2007)
A compassionate and caring person

--Maclane Raley (2008)
He was a really nice guy. May God take care of his family.

--Ricky Garza (1993 (?))
Tragically murdered.
--Todd Quevedo (Not sure 1993?)

1991- ?
--Bobbie Byrd (2011)
Bobbie was a nice guy, may he rest in peace...

--Carrie Carlo (1991)
What a beautiful friend, I know we all miss her.
--Terry Cloer (1991)
--Joe Gibson (1995?)
Joe was a easy going guy who was always there to listen to any of your problems. He liked to laugh alot! He was a good guy.
--Jason King
--Rusty Snyder (March 2, 08)
Rusty was a really sweet and funny guy!! I knew him in high school. Whenever anyone would mention his name, it would automatically put a smile on thier face because he was so well liked. I think everyone will definately miss Rusty.

--Nikki Suggs (2005-06?)

--Wayne Bahr (04-07-1995)
He is still missed after all these years.
--Lorie Baker
She was a very lively cheerleader! She always had a smile on her face. She was very atheletic and she was very kind.
--Lori Kathleen Baker Dixon Baker (2001)
Missed each passing moment.Loving mother of 187Ryan.
--Rusty Dixon (5/07)
died in a motorcyle accident. Was married to Lori Baker who died several yrs ago in a 4 wheeler accident.
--Russell Dixon (2007)
We love and miss you, Rusty aka Bubba.
--Tommy Finchum (?)
--Mandy Griffith (1993)
She was a happy and funny girl who had a good spirit. She was a good friend. The first time I met her it was at Gardenville Rec Center.
--Sabrina Hayes
--Sherri Phillips
--Rachel Smith Edwards (Jun 28, 2009)
Rachel was a wonderful and sweet person, she will be missed by many.
--TJ Whitaker (04-05?)
She was a great athlete and she had a kind heart. I remember when she won Miss East Bay!!

--Angie Beasley (2001)
killed by a drunk driver
--Patrick Lampkin (2012)

--Myron Burris (8-13-2007)
he was well loved everyone called him buck he was killed in a car accident this summer. i love you bro.
--Chad Chapman (7-12-2002)
Chad is and will always be missed...he was a fun loving guy and just enjoyed life...he died due to injuries suffered from a car accident
--Eddie Kirkpatrick (april 8, 2004)
--Freddy Peddy
--James Treckey (2001)
--Jason Wells (2004?)
It saddens me that I am the one writing this post for I am sure he had friends. For I wish he would have thought of me as a friend as I thought of him as one. No matter how much he was ridiculed about how "uncool" he was, what I now realize is he was cooler then anyone I knew in High School. Rest in Peace Jason.
--Martin Willis (1996)
Passed away serving his country in Cuba.

--Dennis Hornsby (1996)
I miss Dennis! I cherish the memories spent with him. Good times...Much Love

--Stephen Easton (6/12/12)
Killed in a car accident on his 34th birthday. Awesome friend and brother to many!
--Terri Engel (1996)
Terri was beautiful and smart with a one-of-kind personality. She is missed by many.
--Felicia Gerhard
Cosmetology student, Mother of 2, Loved by All!!! We Love you Flea-Bite.....

--Jeremy Appleyard (2009)
--Kevin 'KD' Daniels (3/2/2013)
"KD",passed on 3/2/2013 after a long hard fight . He will be missed and remembered by all of his friends and Family. Only 34 years young... We miss you man, Pray for the Daniels'
--Kevin Daniels (03/03/2013)
--Steve Ecklebury (2001)
Thankyou for always putting a smile on my face and being a good friend..... xoxoxoxoxox R.I.P
--Meliss Esterling (2011)
--Josh Lenegar (2011)

--Lisa Campbell (2012)
--Dorie Locklear (1998)
--Pern McCaw (March 2003)
We will always Love and Miss U:)

--Fabian Beyer
We will miss you brother
--T.J Mitchell (1998)
he is missed each and everyday!

--Julian Rivera (1999)
We love and miss you, Julian!

--Rachel Blackstone (2003)


--Philip Combs (2004)
Drunk driver killed him in an automobile accident shortly after graduation. Such a sad loss for us all. Loved and missed daily by friends, family, and all his band mates! -KD
--Phillip (PJ) Combs (2004)
Always in our hearts PJ
--Domingo Martinez (2010)
You will always be remembered! ��

--Rachel Morris (October 2007)
--Brittany Romer (February 2008)
Miss you, baby girl. "Everything Else Is Replaceable"

--Brentley Bennett (Sep. 2007)
We love you Brent.

--Rex Ballenger Jr (2008)

--Fredrick Gardner (october 18,2006)
fredrick whick is my brotha dies cause he was stuck n killed by a truck on the way to school

2010 graduate
--Jason Rodriguez (February 10th 2011)
an innocent life lost rest in paradise heavens bodybuilder

--Payton Barbon (2013)
Still can't believe you're gone. You are loved and missed more than you can imagine.

c/o 1985
--Kenny Durance (1983?)
Kenny, I still remember you so well! You were always so much fun to be around, ever since the 5th grade. I wonder what you would have done with your life......

C/O 1991
--Denise Veasey (3/24/11)
Taken way to early from Cancer. I miss you <3

Graduation year 2010
--Jason Rodriguez (2011)
Your family and friend will truly miss you... R.I.P. Mr Bodybuilder!

Mother of A. Elkins
--Janice Elkins (2009)
My Mother loved all of my friends and treated them with the highest levels of respect and love and always welcomed them into our home.

--Barbara Mcelfresh (2001)

--Dan Kelley

--Tom Rao (2004)

Vice Principal
--Chuck Holland (2004)

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